Thai Lava Jasper Bracelet

Thai Lava Jasper Bracelet


This lava bead bracelet for essential oils is elegant enough for evening events but simply pretty enough for everyday wear. The marble-like beads made from jasper surround four lava beads that can absorb essential oils and retain their heavenly scent for 1-2 days to soothe and relax you throughout your day. Sourced in Bangkok, Thailand, this jasper bracelet helps empower women freed from sex trafficking.

  • Jasper and lava beads

  • Lava beads absorb essential oils for beautiful, soothing scent

  • Relaxing addition to any outfit or accessory pairing

Samaritan Creations is an organization that rescues women from the sex trade in Thailand. It offers several services including job training, education and counseling. Women can learn vocational skills to match their interests—from being a barista to jewelry making to small business skills. Samaritan Creations also supports the college education of their patrons and their children.

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