Guatemalan Dream Bracelet

Guatemalan Dream Bracelet


This fair trade Dream bracelet, handmade by Mayan women, funds scholarships for indigenous girls in Guatemala. Educating girls can break the cycle of poverty in one generation. When you change the world for a girl through education, she'll change the world for everyone around her. Assorted colors and designs to wear singly or combine and stack. Sold individually. Handmade with love!

  • Four color options

  • Wear individually or pair colors

  • Waxed polyester thread with metal beads

Despite their fame in weaving, Mayan women are the most impoverished in Guatemalan society. Mayan Hands partners with these talented artists in their journey out of poverty toward empowerment, self-sufficiency and the preservation of their culture. Mayan Hands also offers life-skills training, health care opportunities, scholarships for Mayan girls and supplies for all Mayan children.

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