How Can I Support Elevat?



The simplest way to support Elevat’s mission and the artisans who make these goods is to shop. Shop online, check out our upcoming events on Facebook, or set up an appointment to shop our showroom in Shoreview, Minnesota.


We enlist interns to help Elevat function and grow in the areas of marketing, social media, writing, communications and business. Interns work with our CEO to develop an internship that works with scheduling and internship needs.If interested, please email us at


We’re always looking for passionate individuals who want to lend their skills to elevate our partners and women around the world. Whether you’re a people-person who would love to work an event, or a designer who’s looking to lend their creative skills to help Elevat thrive, we’d love to talk. Email with your questions and ideas.

Engage on Social media

There’s several ways you can engage with Elevat on social media to boost our visibility and share Elevat with your friends—

  • Follow Elevat on Facebook and Instagram

  • Share your favorite Elevat social posts

  • Post your favorite products so your friends can discover them as well

Get Educated

Fair trade is what Elevat does. Find out what fair trade is and how it can change the world for the better.