Your Fair Trade Summer Fashion Guide

Summer is all about those reds, oranges, pinks, and yellows. Go bright or go home, right? 

Summer is for wearing cute shorts and airy skirts like our silk wrap skirts from Nepal paired with these hot pink and silver statement earrings from Rwanda and a fun hot pink seed bracelet from Kenya.


Summer is also for taking some risks and trying some bolder accessories, maybe stepping outside of your comfort zone. How about this bright blue, statement necklace made from the tagua nut in Ecuador coupled with these turquoise beaded earrings from South Africa. Throw on a cute sundress, and you’re good to go!


Speaking of dresses, some of the best necklaces to wear with a dress are these long leather and metal necklaces from Rwanda and Kenya (and, this one from Kenya). They go with any color, and they add that perfect touch of style and flair to your dress (or shirt)!




Summer days can get hot, so we want to get that hair up off our necks. Instead of just throwing your hair into a bun, slide a headband on to add a little flair to your outfit! (We have several different color combos to choose from!)

Elevat March (95 of 149).jpg

Big statement necklaces are another great look for summer, especially if you’re in a rush. A statement necklace, like this one from Nepal, can turn your simple jeans and tee from clothes into a cute outfit. 


Summer is a great season for color and adventure. Don’t be afraid to try new things! And that may mean buying new accessories that you wouldn’t normally wear. Remember in all your summer shopping adventures to purchase responsibly and know who is making the clothes and accessories you’re wearing. At Elevat, we are committed to supporting fair trade and committed to helping you look cute all summer long!