Fashion Inspiration Brought to you by Elevat

Ever look at your wardrobe and wonder what on earth to wear? It all depends on the events of the day, right? Sometimes we can just throw on a pair of jeans and a cute top. Other times we need to pull the dresses and skirts from the closet and run an iron over them.

Regardless of what you are wearing, an outfit is not complete with accessories, right?

You’ve got to add that simple necklace, the statement earrings, or a colorful bracelet to make your outfit come together.

It’s no secret that women love to buy accessories! I’ve heard ladies say, “I have way too many scarves.” Or, “I have so many pieces of jewelry and I just don’t wear them nearly enough.”

Perhaps it’s because we struggle with experimenting. Once we find a solid outfit – black jeans, cute top, cardigan, a pair of earrings, and a long necklace – we stick with it. It’s hard to try a different pair of earrings when you have already found ones that work great with your outfit.

And don’t even get me started on the seasons. It can be hard to know what to wear and when we should wear it. Certain colors are perfect for fall and winter, but that doesn’t mean they should be worn all year around. And likewise, those pastels and bright colors of spring and summer aren’t always welcome in the colder months.

So, we’re starting a four-post blog series! Fashion inspiration for all four seasons! We’ll show you some of our products, how they pair well with each other, and which pieces to wear during the right season.

Stay tuned!

Grace SchroederComment