I’ve always admired creative types who could see beauty where there wasn’t any and then make it with their own hands-paintings, sewing, knitting, pottery, jewelry, etc. But the real admirable feat is to then put it on display for the public to see and judge. And that’s exactly what will take place this coming Saturday. We are filled with over 25+ vendors who are proudly displaying their items they’ve put their heart and soul into.

4th Annual Autumn Craft Fair

If you value creativity and artistry, come browse these paintings, fairy gardens, sweater mittens, baby blankets, vintage up-cycled items and so much more! Grab a free cup of coffee, get a bar or cupcake from the University of Northwestern Orchestra fundraising for their Ireland tour or grab lunch from the church’s youth group while you admire and chat with these entrepreneurs and artists.

If you are looking for unique one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones this year, here is your perfect chance. And please stop by and see me at the Elevat booth, representing women artisans from numerous developing countries.

Elevat fashion on display

Hope to see you there!