Reinventing Yourself after Political Unrest

Imagine you are fleeing for your life because you dared to feed peaceful protestors who were standing up for what they believed in.  Death threats and gunshots force you to leave your home and your stable job as a university professor and go into hiding.  Here in America, it’s hard to understand such injustice. We complain and get angry if the person we wanted in the President’s office doesn’t win but we were given the choice to vote or not or who to vote for.  Not all are afforded such luxury. 

I was introduced to “Mary” (her name has been changed for her safety) through a good friend. Mary was trying to reinvent her life now in hiding and desperately needing to provide somehow for her three children.  My friend remembered I worked with women making fashion accessories in developing countries and thought I might be willing to sell the beaded jewelry Mary and two of her friends were making until they could return to their normal lives and normal jobs. 

My heart breaks for Mary and other women like her.  Through no fault of her own, her world is turned upside down and she is given few opportunities to feed herself and her children.  Those living around her in Burundi are struggling financially also so seeking a US marketplace for her handmade jewelry makes sense.  These gorgeous hand beaded necklaces are truly statement necklaces.  They are unique works of art that speak for women that can’t always speak for themselves politically or socially.

I started Elevāt 4 years ago for women like Mary-hard working women who aren’t looking for a hand out.  They don’t want charity but instead opportunity.  They need the benefit of the US marketplace for their handicrafts.  Friends, I hope you will join me and help support Mary and others like her by purchasing this beautiful jewelry. This Christmas shopping season, please consider such works of the heart.