Ever wonder where all the products come from in massive department stores? Or, maybe more importantly, where all the money goes when a product is sold? Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where our money goes and to know that it goes to a good cause?

We have hundreds of big businesses and megastores to choose from that we often miss opportunities to buy from someone where our dollar will really make a lasting difference in the world. The holiday season is fast approaching and soon we will be buying gifts for family and friends and this is the craft fair where you can do just that! Plus, you will not only be checking things off your shopping list, but you will also be supporting local, small businesses.

Tomorrow, October 8th from 9am-2pm, the Autumn Craft Fair (see address below) will be hosting various vendors—all selling handmade products. This craft fair is a great opportunity to buy unique products to help support small businesses.

Here are some of the vendors to look forward to:

  • Elevat – fair trade fashion accessories
  • Wesley Andrews - craft coffee
  • UNW Symphonic Band – baked goods
  • Artful Romp Studios – silver and stone jewelry
  • A Beautiful Pause – journals, prayer boxes, etc.
  • A Monkeys Wedding – books, jewelry, and knits
  • Janet Poire – handmade greeting cards
  • Art is where my heart is – paintings
  • Meraki – watercolors
  • Bundles of Love Charity – knitted baby items
  • Black Horse Candles – handmade soy candles
  • Living Essentially Sp’Oiled – Young Living essential oils
  • Becky Maguire – recycled pincushions, plates, etc.
  • Janet Brown – photography and notecards

Mark your calendars and plan to stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea!) while you help small businesses make a lasting change in our world!

Saturday, October 8th // 9am-2pm // 4911 Hodgson Road, Shoreview MN